Day of the Dead Zombies and Creatures

Day of the Dead Collection
I created my Day of the Dead collection because when I was younger and I heard about the Dia de Los Muertos, I fell in love with it. I love the idea of celebrating the departed in a beautiful, colourful festival. It teaches us to celebrate the life lived and not mourn the end. I also love Mexican art, the vibrant colours and unique patterns. My first Day of the Dead Zombie Bride was sold to a woman who wanted something very nontraditional for her baby’s first toy.

'Let them eat brains'
I made this Bride with a Marie Antoinette influence.

 'Day of the Dead Bride'
This is the first bride that I made. I sold her to a lovely woman in Santa Cruz for her babies first toy.

'First Collection of 2012'
This was the first collection I made this year, in preparation for a toy exhibition.
'Day of the Dead Zombie Brides and Groom'

Brides and a very toothy Groom at the 'Come Out and Play' Toy Exhibition.

'Day of the Dead Bride and Groom'
She was one of my favorite brides that I have made. I sold her to a friend as a gift for his friend because she loves the Corpse Bride. That left the the toothy Groom to find a new mate. He sure does have lovely options.


Toys at the Exhibition

'Day of the Dead and Zombies'
This picture of them was featured in the Get It magazine.

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