Monday, 5 December 2011

Candyland Christmas

So for the festive season I decided to put my spin on Christmas goodies. My theme for the season is 'Candyland Christmas' with gingerbread men and Candyland ragdolls.

I sadly am without an oven for now otherwise I would be baking up tasty treats all day long. I planned on making wonderful gingerbread houses seen as I've had some practice these last few years.

I also made some new Button Ragdolls. Some of which have already been sold to some very wonderful customers.
It's always so rewarding to see what other people think of things that I've taken time to make. It's even more exciting when someone amazingly talented appreciates your work. This last market I did, I was lucky to meet an artist that I admire, I follow her blog and love her creations. Visit the talented 'Hey Cherry' ladies on their blog.

Gingerbread men

Candyland Ragdoll
Candyland Ragdoll

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